Mogilev Travel Guide

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Mahiloŭ town

Mahiloŭ town


Mogilev, a quaint, ‘old worldly’ city located in the eastern quarter of Belarus, is a rich replica of Russian history and spirit.

 History & Description

Located at a distance of approximately 76 kilometers from the Russian Border, Mogilev is a product of the imprints of an overpowering Russian culture and heritage. The origin of this city dates back to 1267. The city burgeoned as a prime trade center in the 14 th century when it was inducted as a member of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The first Polish partition saw it fall into Imperial Russia’s lap and during World War I Mongilev was the center that headquartered the Russain Imperial Army.  The year 1919 saw the city seized by the Bolshevist Russian forces and integrated into the Belorussian USSR. The population in Mogilev is predominantly Jewish and the city today is one of the major economic, cultural and industrial hubs of Belarus.  There are several factories, chemical plants and cathedrals along with an important inland port that intersperse the streets of this unconventionally attractive city.

Places to Visit

The breath-taking structure of St. Stanislaw’s Cathedral  is worth witnessing. The edifice is built in the famous Baroque architecture of the 18 th century and is frequented by tourists for its sheer magical appeal. There are other attractions like the Archipiscopal Palace and Convent of St. Nicholas that look resplendent in their bell-towered, high-walled and Neo-Renaissance form. The Russian Revivalist architecture can be viewed in all its glory in Mogilev. Tourists also flock Polokovichi for the gigantic 350 meter long TV mast. A guided tour through the unfamiliar streets of Mogilev can give you a good opportunity to explore the ancient beauty of the city. The people of Mogilev are extremely hospitable and the local restaurants in the old faction of the town serve some of the most lip-smacking cuisine in Belarus.


The 300 roomed Mogilev Hotel, located at a few kilometers from major transport facilities, is a good option with decent amenities. Other good picks that are the moderately priced include, Hotel Lira and Gubernskaya. There are good eateries nestled in the quiet corners of the old town neighborhood.

For an eclectic mix of cultures and an authentic glimpse into the architectural and cultural glory of Eastern Europe along with the bustle of a major port city, Mogilev is a good visit.

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