History in Mir

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the fort of mir was used by the Nazi's in world war to, during the holocaust, as a getho for the Jews from the areas. in 1942, in a heroic operation, one night before the germans intended to kill all the jews in the getho, 300 jews escaped the getho to the forests and joined the Partizans. 

 This escape and life saving was made possible due to the actions of Oswald Rufeisen, a man of outstanding nature, a jew who had to were nazi uniform to save his life, and managed to save many other lives. this is a part of his story:

With his gift for languages, Rufeisen translated for the police. As it happened, some of the younger Jews in the ghetto had also fled to Vilna, and then wound their way home. They recognized Rufeisen, whom they had met as a young Zionist, now in a German uniform. Rufeisen told them he would help them; he gave them guns he had smuggled from police headquarters. When he overheard a phone conversation between his superior and the SS about the date for the liquidation of the Mir ghetto, Rufeisen warned his friends and organized a wild goose chase to drive the police out of town, allowing almost 300 Jews to walk out of the Mir ghetto and flee to the forest.

Rufeisen escaped from the Germans, hiding for more than a year in the local convent, dressing as a nun when the convent was forced to relocate to another building. During this time, he decided to convert to Christianity. Forced into the forest, he joined some partisans, translating between them and their German prisoners.

When the Red Army rolled west, Oswald Rufeisen identified all those in the Mir area who had collaborated with the Nazis. He testified against many Nazi war criminals

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