Eating Out in Belarus

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Depending on where you eat in Belarus you are likely to get one of two feelings, pleased or punished. Some restaurants give your taste buds a spectacular show and satisfy your hungry stomach, others leave you wishing you had extra pepto-bismal. The key to keeping your stomach happy is watching what you eat. Take a look at it before you put it in your mouth, if it looks bad it probably is, don’t chance it. If you can’t hold yourself back from eating everything you find, then a tip I was given by a Kindergarten teacher will help you hold your food down. “If you can drink Kefir, a sour milk product, you will be able to eat anything. It makes your stomach stronger.”

Look in each city's section for specific restaurants.

In the country the restaurants are poor and not effective. But their domestic food, especially fried potatoes, pork and pancakes are really good. Belarusian vodkas are lovely.

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