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BA. Sacred places of Belarus

BA. Sacred places of Belarus

The very word Belarus should inspire visions of beauty and kindness, if it does not,then most likely you have not been there. Belarus has retained its mystery, it has remained virtually closed and unexplored since the fall of Communism. Belarus is little known, little understood, and even less traveled. It is one of the few countries in the former Soviet Union where Lenin still stands and the Soviet symbol, the sickle and hammer, can be found in abundance. It is the only country that still uses the KGB. Powerful forces in Belarus are guiding it forward and forcing it backward at the same time.

Despite, or perhaps because of, this, Belarus has become an intriguing place to travel. Belarus is filled with beautiful forests, lakes, rivers, and wildlife. In many places the history seems alive, and can almost be felt. Reminders of war, suffering, oppression and survival can be seen throughout the country. Churches, fortresses, and many other aspects of Belarusian culture have kept their traditional feel. Traditional crafts, dances, and opera have survived Soviet Imperialism and give travelers a sense of the inspiring culture that is native to Belarus. Its capital Minsk is worth a visit and has quite a lot to offer compared to cities such as Gomel.

When you travel to Belarus, be ready that in most of the cases people will speak only Russian or Belarusian. Unfortunately it has poor tourist infrastructure, lack of city guides and visitor information, the prices sometimes are exaggerated for hotel stay. But all this does not mean that you are not welcome. There are services that recently appeared in order to simplify the life of a tourist.

Traveling to Belarus is not easy, in fact if you lack determination, go somewhere else, but if you are looking for an adventure that you will never forget, then Belarus is the place for you.

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