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History-Regional geography Museum of Ordubad district

History-Regional geography Museum of Ordubad district


After Nakhchivan City , Ordubad is the most important town in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, having once been the capital of a semi-independent sultanate, which eventually yielded sovereignty to the Russians tzars in 1828.

Situated near the river of the same name - a tributary of the Araz - Ordubad is nevertheless a mountain town, built at 850m under the imposing presence of the Zangezur range.

Although the area always had an agitated history, several buildings from the 17th and 18th century are well preserved, namely three mosques (Saatabad, Dilbar and Juma), the last one also retains a religious school (madrasa). The history museum is also well worth visiting. The museum provides a glimpse into the past of a town with a rich cultural tradition, having been one of the early printing centres and home to the family of astronomer and mathematician Nasraddin Tusi.

Due to the Karabakh conflict trains no longer go to Azerbaijan proper via Megri, but there are train services to Nakhchivan city, notice that the station is almost 4 km south of the town.

The rail trip is memorable. The line goes along the Aras river,  the border with Iran, providing amazing vistas of the Iranian bank, including of the world's oldest churches - St. Stephanos, built near the place where the Qotur river joins the Aras.

The only place to stay is the old Soviet style hotel Sahil, near the bridge over the river Ordubad. The compensates its many insufficiencies with a nice view of the river.

Around the town there are vast and varied orchards, as well as mulberry plantations, producing the leaves used for breeding silkworms.

Azeri and Iranian authorities have agreed to build a new bridge over the river Araz in the border point of Ordubad-Siahrud.

(420 km southwest of Baku)

"I am living in Nakhchivan. After I read a nice article about Ordubad (http://www.world66.com/europe/azerbaijan/naxcivan/ordubad), I decided to go to Ordubad by train. I mentioned my possible weekend Ordubad trip to Azerbaijan Foreign Affairs Ministry's Nakhchivan AR Department officer and they had said "have a nice time in Ordubad".

An Azerian friend joined me too. Aras river, mountains, train voice were beautifull. I loved that train journey. I had great time. Unfortunetly, some people had "doubt" about the reason of my Ordubad journey. After my train trip, someone went to my Azerian friend's work and asked her questions. What a pity! I felt so sad for her. It disturbed me a lot. Hope she wouldn't loose her job just because she was helpfull and friendly to me.

I think if you are not Azerbaijan citizien, you should think twice (maybe more) if you really want to visit Nakhchivan."


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