Batabat Travel Guide

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A view from Batabat

A view from Batabat


In the Northern part of Nakhchivan right near the border with Armenia locateŠ² a marvelous place - Batabat. Many locals come here often for having a day out and to have a barbeque. Batabat is  an unpopulated alpine valley high above the quaint, partly wooded village of Bichanak. Batabat's main feature is Ganli Gol ('Blood lake'), on which a couple of large, flat turf islands 'float'. This is less dramatic than it sounds as it can take days for them to move a few metres. To get there from Nakhchivan  one have to move towards the regional centre of Shahbuz where one supposed to sign in at the police station before continuing to Batabat. 
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