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The Nagorno-Karabakh territory being an area of political dispute between Azerbajian and Armenia, we have two separate entries.
Information in this azerbaijan/nagaornokarabakh section may be presented from the Azerbaijani point of view.
Please, do not carry on political propaganda as this will be deleted from both sections.


Shushi is a town in Nagorno-Karabakh .

Shushi was the second largest town in Nagorno-Karabakh. Situated 1400-1800 m above the sea level on picturesque Karabakh mountains rigde, Shusha was a popular mountainous-climatic recreation resort during Soviet Union.

According to the last population census in 1989, the town of Shushi had a population of 17,000 and the Shushi district had a population of 23,000. .

Shushi was founded in 1750-1752 by Panah khan Javanshir, the founder of the Karabakh khanate (1747-1822) as its capital. Initially the town was named after its founder Panahabad (town of Panah). Later Ibrahim Khalil khan, son of Panah khan renamed the town Shusha, supposedly after the name of the nearest village of Shushukent. The town was also largely known by the name "Qala" (castle in Azeri).

Considered to be a historical capital of the Karabakh region, Shushi was one of the cultural centers . It was home to many intellectuals, poets, writers and especially, musicians. With the start of the Armenian-Azeri conflict in 1988 Shusha became the most important Azeri stronghold in Karabakh. In May 8, 1992 the town was captured by Armenian forces and Azeri population fled. Today a large part of the town remains in ruins.


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