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Masalli is a reasonably prosperous agricultural town which also has some light industry, capital of the Rayon of the same name. The town's centre is built near the river, with some modest buildings and a nice Palace of Culture. The Palace of Culture wih a statue of the poet Nizami illustrates well the Azeri architecture of the Soviet period. There are no important sights, except maybe the tea tower. The modest soccer field is home to F.C. Vilash.

When you leave Masalli towards the west there are dense woods and also a small lake, a favourite spot for picnics. West of Masalli you find a spa area ( Masalli Istisu ), providing hot mineral baths for a variety of illnesses or simply for your pleasure. The place is rather scenic with a small hot waterfall and a miniature suspension bridge. Another waterfall can be found at Shalala on the road to Yardimli .


Being located on the main road leading south to Lenkoran and Iran, Masali is always busy and commerce is abundant. 

In the town there is a very basic hotel, but outside Masalli, on the road going west to Yardimli , there is a good hotel , the Dashtvend. Further down the road, near Masalli Istisu there are also turbazas with some decent huts.

(200 km south of Baku)

Masalli  Distance form Baku  232 km  Population  179 500 people Transport  Motor transport:     Baku – Lankaran – Astara (4 hours 30 minutes)
By train:                  Baku – Astara (8 hours)

Massali is the agricultural region located along the main road – from Baku -Lankaran and Iran. In ancient times, this territory belonged to the historical states, Manna and Atropetana. Since the 18th century, it has been included in the territory of Massali –Talish khanate. The region is surrounded by the Caspian Sea on one side and by Talish mauntains on the other side.According to its relief; the region is mainly divided into mauntainous and plain areas. The mountainous area consists of the Talish Mountains while the plain area covers the land close to the Lankaran lowlands. Here is the subtropical climate. Vilesh, Tatyan, Alvadichay, Matara and other rivers run through the region’s lands and flow into the Caspian Sea. In such a land rich with plants, beech, hornbeam, iron, alder, oak and other valuable trees are being protected in the Geribler and Yenikend conservation parks. Several sulphurous medical springs exist in the region.


Hot water “Isti su” mineral spring is in the picturesque corner of the mountains. It is full of tourists in the summer time, not only because they come to enjoy the beauty of nature but also to heal their rheumatism. The litte hot waterfall and the suspension bridge add pleasure to the general view. Massali is the administrative center of the city. The actual name of the city is related to an ancient tribe Masaln who once lived in this land. The old mosque and the bath which were constructed in the 19th century, the Erkivan tower, other mosques in the Boradigha and Digah villages (15th century) and the Seyid Sadikh sepulcher are the only historical monuments that have survived from the past. The Gizilaghac reserve stretches along the Masalli Lankaran road. It will be interesting for tourists to visit the History Ethnography museum to get acquainted with traditionally manufactured art works and to learn the historical background of people’s daily occupation.There are weaved mats from the Musakuche village, headscarves sewn in the Turkoba village, various pottery products, carpets, socks and gloves prepared in the Erkivan village, as well as tree products with national patterns made in the Geribler, Kolatan and Sighdash villages: all of which are valuable pieces of national art. There is also a pond in a dense wood at the edge of the city Masalli. Here is the most preferred place of rest for local residents. After travelling, it is great to save time to taste fisincan, levengi and other national cuisine.

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