When to Go in Austria

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If you are planning a visit to Austria, when to go can be your main concern. Austria is a great destination to visit at any time of the year, so the timing depends on the kind of vacation you are looking for. 

Winter Trips to Austria 

Winter is a good time for visitors who are looking for a skiing holiday in the midst of scenic surroundings. Christmas and New Year′s Eve is the peak season when the prices as well as ski traffic are at their highest. November to April is an excellent period to enjoy a variety of winter sports and winter festivities. The winter air is generally fresh and clear, with plenty of sunny days. The winter snow covers the valleys from late December through March, presenting a spectacular sight for tourists. 

Summer Holidays in Austria 

From May to September is the warm and pleasant season in Austria. This is the off-season, which is ideal for people traveling on a budget, or those who wish to avoid the winters. Airfares and hotel costs are low in this season. Austria’s popular Salzburg festival can also be enjoyed during this period. 

Climate Conditions  

Tourists should be aware that there are major temperature variations in Austria depending on the location. Furthermore, the weather can be slightly unpredictable. Therefore, while planning a trip to Austria, it is useful to check up the current weather forecast for the specific location. This can be checked through a travel agent or through various websites on the Internet.

Advance Bookings 

It is advisable to arrive with reservations during the peak season. However, during the slow season, hotel rooms are easily available and less expensive.

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