Day Trips in Vienna

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Palace of Schönbrunn

The Palace of Schönbrunn is an easy day trip and can be reached on the U-Bahn (line number 4). It is free to visit the beautifully landscaped palace grounds which include fantastic fountains and faux Ancient ruins. There are several options for tours of the palace and some packages include other attractions on the grounds such as the zoo (Tiergarten), the topiary maze or the Imperial Coach Collection. The least expensive tour, the Imperial Tour, includes visits to 22 of the palace rooms with an audio guide and costs 9.50 Euro. 

Wienerwald (Vienna Woods)

Another day trip option is a visit to the Vienna Woods or Wienerwald. From the city center, take the S-Bahn to Kahlenbergerdorf. From the train station, it is a short walk uphill to Leopoldsberg where you will find the remains of an old fort, some friendly cafes and great panoramic views of Vienna and the surrounding forest.

The Seegrotte or Sea Cave is the largest underground lake in Europe. The site was originally a mine, but it flooded in 1912 and had to be shut down. The maze of mine tunnels were used by the German army in World War II as an aircraft factory. A tour of the site takes you through the tunnels and on a boat ride on the lake. If you are using public transport, you need to take the S-Bahn to Modling and then transfer to a bus to get to the town of Hinterbruhl. The quiet and charming town of Hinterbruhl is also worth a visit.

Melk Abbey

The Melk Abbey is an hour train ride from Vienna in the city of Melk (approximately 55 miles/88 kilometers from Vienna). Benedictine monks have been a presence on the hill above Melk for over 900 years but the present Abbey was not completed until 1732. The Church and grounds are excellent examples of Baroque architecture—prepare for an entrée into the “more is more” theory of decorating with plentiful amounts of gold, expansive painted ceilings and grand plaster detailing. In the summer, visitors are allowed to wander through the grounds unaccompanied if they wish, but in the winter, visits are only permitted as part of guided tours. There are English-language tours available.

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Klosterneuburg Abbey

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Located only 12km from Vienna, easily accessible by public transport, Stift Klosterneuburg makes for an excellent destination for a day trip. You might start your day with a tour through the 900-year-old monastery.

The Sacred Tour, offered every full hour from 10am to 5pm takes the visitor on a journey through the medieval part of the monastery, including the gothic cloister and some famous works of art such as the Verdun Altar. This masterpiece by Nicholas of Verdun consists of 51 gold enamel tablets depicting scenes from the bible. more..

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address:Stiftsplatz 1, 3400 Klosterneuburg

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