Travel Guide in Austria

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This Travel Guide to Austria will give a general overview of what visitors can see, do and eat in this picturesque European country. There are enough sightseeing and leisure opportunities to keep tourists busy for a while. One of the most common reasons why people come to Austria is to ski in the Alps. The ski season begins in late November, and this is the time when Christmas markets all over the country get into high gear to put visitors in a festive mood. Like most countries in Europe, Austria has a rich culture, and indeed, cultural events take place every week in cities, towns and villages all over the nation. Here is more information about this gem of a country, home of such famous individuals as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Wolfgang Amadeus. 

When to Go

The question of when to go depends on what you want to do. Austria enjoys a moderate continental climate featuring all four distinct seasons. The weather from May to September is pleasant and during either of those two months there will be few tourists around. That means lower prices and fewer hassles. Like everywhere else in Europe, July and August are hectic and crowded. Travelling around can be difficult since Austria is bordered by eight other countries. In the winter the Austrian Alps are colder than the Western Alps in Switzerland or France.

Things to See and Do

Vienna is the capital of Austria and it's also the largest city. There is just as much history and culture packed into Vienna as there is in any other major city in Europe like Rome, Paris or Budapest. The Imperial Palace (Hofburg) in the inner city was for more than six centuries the seat of the ruler of Austria. The Habsburgs ruled from here until the end of World War I in 1918. The Vienna State Opera House is one of the world's most fantastic theaters, and there are ballets and operas performed almost every day of the year. Tourists shouldn't miss a chance to visit Austria's other great city—Salzburg. This was Mozart's hometown. No. 9 Getreidegasse is where the famous musician was born and he lived here until he was 17 years old.

Food and Drinks

Austrian cuisine is varied and hearty. It has been influenced by Hungarian, Czech, Italian and German cuisines, from which both dishes and food preparation have often been borrowed. Goulash in an example of this. Wild game is available everywhere and pork is the most popular meat. People with a sweet tooth can indulge in such classics as the Linzertorte, a flaky cake lined with currant or raspberry jam and encased by a lattice of cake dough. There's also Sachertorte, a chocolate cake made from a traditional recipe developed by Franz Sacher. Almdudler is Austria's national drink made from mountain herbs and its flavor is similar to elderflower. Drinking coffee is integral to Austrian culture as it is in other areas of Europe. It's served in a wide variety of styles in Viennese cafes.  

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