Top 5 Must Do's in Austria

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Austria is replete with historical and natural wonders. It is difficult to pick and choose a few from the big list of stunning sights that Austria is blessed with. Austria Must Do's involve some of the best adventurous sports and activities that you will find nowhere else under the sun.

Trekking and Hiking in the Alps

The Alps form the heavenly white snowy skyline of Austria. You must visit the Alps during the summer when the ice starts melting. During the summer the lower regions covered with green pastures and the upper parts blanketed in snow and fog provides a mesmerizing view for the visitors. The Alps, with picturesque scenic beauty, are counted among the popular locations where tourists can indulge in adventurous activities. If you are a novice in trekking, then you must pay a visit to Voralberg. You can hike or take gentle walks across the wide green slope line of Alps. If you seek more excitement, then a steep hike along the Tauern National Park leading to a snow capped mountain peak will definitely satisfy your appetite for adventure.

Skiing in Tirol

Skiing in Austria is synonymous with Skiing in Tirol. This place is a heaven for ski lovers. Experts love the precipitous Alpine terrains to challenge their limits and first-timers can start developing their skills in the less steep snowy valleys.

Ride the Steam Train

That Austria preserves some of the very old heritages is proved by the steam train that Austria boasts of. The ride in the steam train will take you through the lovely villages, exotic terrains and the great Alpine mountain passes. During the course of your journey you can enjoy the lovely local wine in the train while enjoying the vintage Austria. Among all the places you will go through, St. Wolfgang village will definitely mesmerize you with its fascinating beauty. 

Floating Opera

You may have visited and attended many opera houses all across the world but surely you must not miss out on this one. This floating opera is located in the city of Bregenz. In Bregenz this Opera is located near the St. Martins Tower. This is the largest floating opera for any theatrical performances during the summer.

Taste the Wine

Austria is famous for some lovely brands of white and red wines. You must visit lower Austria and Baden and the Burgenland region to taste the lovely wines. The Riesling wine is one of the best-known white wines in all of Europe. If you are fond of red wine, then you must visit Baden and Burgenland.

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