Beaches in Austria

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Imagine a pristine lake surrounded by peaceful, sandy Austria beaches, colorful, pastel hills, forests, and valleys. This is a gorgeous image that you will find sprinkled throughout the scenic country of Austria. Most Austria beaches are found around tranquil lakes dotting the country's landscape. A large naturist movement in Austria is causing many of these beaches to be converted to nudist beaches as well. In any case, Austria beaches are the perfect places to relax, swim, and enjoy spending time in a natural environment. Be aware that motor boats are not allowed on any Austrian beaches, only paddle boats, sailboats, canoes, or electric boats.

Klopeiner See Beach

The beaches of this Austrian lake boast incredibly warm, clear, high-quality water to swim in. The entire area is very much family friendly and offers activities such as scuba diving, swimming, fishing, and boating. During the summer, Klopeiner See Beach can get extremely hot, but you can beat the heat by entering the beautiful stalactite caves nearby. Inside, the temperature hovers around 46 degrees F (8 degrees Celsius) even in summer, so bring a jacket.

Lake Neusiedl

Located near Vienna, this lake has particularly picturesque beaches. They are surrounded by vibrant vineyards and gently rolling hills and kissed by pure, crystalline water. Lake Neusiedl is one of the biggest lakes in all of Europe, so it is perfect for all sorts of water sports like kite surfing, swimming and sailing. This is a wonderful place to go as a family to enjoy the day.

Fuschl Lake

Nestled at the bottom of the Limestone Alps near Salzburg, Fuschl Lake is a beach lover and nudist's paradise. The land surrounding the lake is rough and hilly while the calm water is so clear that you can you can see through six meters of it. There are great sandy beaches all around Fuschl Lake, but the most popular is a small nudist beach that is often rather crowded for being so small.

Faaker See Lake

This beautiful lake is one of the best you can go to in Austria if you love beaches. There are 10 public beaches around Faaker See Lake. Just like all of the Austria beaches, the water there is warm and impeccable in both cleanliness and clarity. Boating is very popular on this lake and rentals are available. Of course, as at any beach, swimming, sunbathing, and playing in the sand are all possible fun activities as well.

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