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Tatev Monastery

Tatev Monastery

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Syunik is the at the southern tip of Armenia.  It forms a bridge to Iran, and thus is critically important to landlocked Armenia's trade.

Touristically, the province is rich in nature and in architectural monuments.  The jewel in the crown of Syunik for the last thousand years has been the stunning Tatev Monastery. 

The springs and the caverns under the natural land bridge with a river running through are called Satan's Bridge.

The mountaintop petroglyphs of Ughtasar are unforgettable, and again worth the trouble of getting to them.  It's not that the road leading to the site is bad, it's actually the complete lack of any road at all - you jump in a 4x4 and a guide just drives up the side of the mountain.

Sisian is a high altitude and cold town below Ughtasar.  It offers visitors a museum and Sisavan Church.  Inside, check out the microscopic art of a local artist.

Goris is a very picturesque town in a green valley.  It offers a couple of very nice places to sleep on your way to or from the many places this serves as a cross-roads to.

Kapan is a very cool Soviet town with pink Soviet apartment blocks climbing the rugged mountains like legos.  Further on, Baghaberd Fortress and Vahanavank Monastery are worth a stop.

Shikahogh is a large nature reserve almost at the Iranian border.  The Mtnadzor canyon is one of the most unspoiled sections of forest in Armenia.

Meghri, overlooking Iran, has a completely different feel from the rest of Armenia.  The old, middle eastern alleys, the dusty, craggy peaks, the sand-brown buildings and churches all lend a different feel that much Soviet planning was not able to completely wipe out.  A popular stop for Iranian truckers, but not much to offer in terms of comfortable accomodation.


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