Garni Travel Guide

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The main reason to come to Grani is the two thousand years old basalt Temple of the Sun. The location of the temple is impressive, with a gorge that is 300 meters deep just below it.

The temple was fully restored in 1976, and is surrounded by Ionic columns. Next to the temple is a Roman bath, complete with a mosaic floor and ancient plumbing. Garni is usually seen on a day trip from Yerevan, along with Geghard.
You should take a guided tour down the gorge to a ruined church complex called Havutz Tar.  This is about one hour and a half hike each way.  You pass through seven small mountain peaks, and this magnificant valley opens up in front of you.  There is also a natural spring not far from the complex, where its waters are known to have healing powers.  The guided tour can be arranged at Garni ticket kiosk.  You have to be there before 10:00 am. 


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