Ashtarak Travel Guide

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The only major city in the region, this historic town is home to 3 churches standing, and two in ruins.  Built along the Kasagh river gorge, the natural backdrop and old stone houses are a nice respite from the bustle of Yerevan.  Visit Karmravor, a cute little 7th century church, with a small, tiled dome roof.  Every photo of Karmravor somehow looks like it's a watercolor painting.  St. Mariane church is an interesting old church with a modern addition.  Tsiranavor (meaning apricot colored) and Spitakavor (meaning white colored) churches, quite close to one another on the edge of the gorge and both half ruined have seemingly reversed names - as Tsiranavor is white and Spitakavor is light orange.  Near town, the Ashtaraki Dzor restaurant complex, long popular with locals is a must.  Go at night to see the entertainment!


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