Top 5 Must Do's in Andorra

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When visiting Andorra la Vella, must Do’s are going to include a wide variety of activities, which makes it a great family vacation area. Having a variety of must-do activities makes it easier to find something that everyone likes, which is often times rather difficult when traveling with a group.


Most everybody who is on vacation enjoys shopping because you get a chance to pick out the perfect souvenir. Picking out the best souvenir allows you to bring back a little piece of your vacation with you, which helps when you want to relive the best parts of your vacation during a particularly tough day. Shopping in Andorra la Vella is something that everybody takes advantage of because the prices here are a lot cheaper than other places in Europe. Andorra la Vella is considered a tax haven, which is part of the reason the prices are so low.

Placa del Poble

The Placa del Poble, also known as The People’s Square is a great place to visit. This is a great place to visit because it is the most popular gathering spot in town. Many younger children will enjoy Placa del Poble because of the sports court and the huge amount of concrete. This area attracts many of the local children to it for those same reasons. If you can get past the large number of children hanging around and playing, the views from here are amazing, so it is worth at least a 15-minute stop during the day.

St. Stephen

If you enjoy looking at the different types of architecture in buildings you will need to pay a visit to the Catholic Church of St. Stephen. This church was built in the 12th century and is made entirely of stones. Although it has been added to since it was originally built, some of the old designs are still present. Not only is the outside worth noting, but the inside offers you the chance to view some paintings that represent the Apocalypse.


This is the largest spa in Europe, but it is also one of the most crowded spas in Europe. If you go on the weekend you will end up waiting in line to use certain facilities, but during the week the wait is not as bad. At the spa you will have access to a huge indoor pool; you can even use the pool while it is snowing outside. You will also have access to jacuzzis, saunas, water beds, and much more. For $42 you will get three hours inside the spa, but if you go over the three hours you will be required to pay $2 for every 15 minutes you have gone over.

Parc de Turon

This playground is located right next to a stream. The playground and stream are both located in front of Caldea, which means you can visit before or after you go to the spa. You can also opt to visit this playground and stream rather than going to the spa. Although it is designed for kids you still see plenty of adults giving it a chance, so don’t be shy.

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