Shopping in Andorra

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Andorra La Vella is the capital city of Andorra the sixth smallest country in Europe. Andorra La Vella shopping and tourism are the biggest industries this small nation. One of the reasons tourist shopping is so popular is due to the tax status in Andorra. Visitors do not have to declare up to 900 euros worth of goods.

Forum Filatèlic

Forum Filtaelic is famous in Andorra La Vella for antique items. Located by Carrer de Joan Maragall, this store is a must-see for collectors. Forum Filatelic sells a wide variety of rare coins, books, stamps, phone cards and other items. A collector can spend hours in this store haggling over items. It is not unusual to find coins that date back to the 18th century. Book collectors can find titles that have out-of-print for several years in a variety of languages. Going to the Filatelic is similar to taking a journey back through time. The employees are also trained to value items for customers. In addition to the traditional retail experience, the store also holds auctions for interested parties. Forum Filatelic offers shipping for an additional fee.  


Marrugat is a musical instrument store which is popular among amateur and professional musicians. The tax status of Andorra makes this location especially practical to purchase instruments. Shoppers will find guitars, keyboards, brass instruments and other accessories at this store. Collectors also have a home here as there are a number of limited items available for purchase. The store offers instruments like a limited edition Gibson guitars. Marrugat staff also offers music lessons. A visitor looking for sheet music might find themselves getting a keyboard lesson after making the purchase. Stores like Marrugat offer a shopping experience one might not find in a different country.


Pyrenees is one of the many departments that line the streets of Andorra La Vella. This store is structured similarly like a mall or the Bloomingdales in New York City. People coming to this store will find a number of items for purchase. The stores carry clothing, dinner ware, toys, furniture and other goods. In addition the mall has both a restaurant and food court. In addition to shopping, a traveler can indulge in a fine meal. The mall itself is advertised as luxury shopping experience. Tourists are encouraged to take advantage of the tax breaks in Andorra. The country has a reputation for being the “Kingdom of Shopping.” Stores like Pyrenees help reinforce that opinion. 


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