When to Go in Albania

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While it is true that Albania is one of the poorest countries in Europe, the fact that it has been cut off from the main tourist trade means that it still remains untouched and unspoiled in most areas. When considering Albania, when to go and what to do, the weather and climate will play a key role.


Of the 4 seasons of the year, winter is probably the least desirable time to visit. Although Albania doesn't get much in the are of snow and ice, except in the mountain areas, it does get quite cold and it rains quite heavily. It's quite damp and miserable until spring rolls around. Those who don't mind deary days also need to keep in mind that many hotels, even mid-range levels will not have central heating, making them quite unpleasant. The rain also can have another negative impact on visiting. Many of the roads in Albania are still in poor quality due to the war years. The heavy rain can transform them from poor quality to in passable and even dangerous.

Spring and Autumn

Easily, these are 2 of the best seasons to visit Albania. Both the spring months and the autumn months have warm temperatures, significantly above those in the northern and central countries in Europe. What is also nice about these 2 seasons is that the temperatures have not risen too high in the country's interior, forcing the locals to the shoreline. Although the beaches will not be deserted there will be plenty of space with a far calmer atmosphere. The days are also fairly long during these 2 seasons but daylight will start to diminish in the fall.


Summer in Albania is the height of their tourist season and despite the crowds can still be a good time to visit. The country does get quite hot and humid with temperatures reaching close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the cities. The temperatures are far less oppressive on the coast but the beaches will start to fill up. Albanian locals will try to escape the heat while tourists from neighboring western European countries come in to beat the higher cost. Transport will be easier for those wanting to visit some of the smaller towns and villages in the country. The good weather means the roads will be of a better quality and increased tourists means an increase of bus and train services, although train services are not high quality. If you can stand the heat and the increased crowds, summer is still a good time to visit the country.

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