Travel Guide in Tirana

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This Tirana travel guide will give you a brief overview on what to expect in this charming city in Albania. Tirana is a bustling yet pleasant city that is slowly being developed to increase tourism in the area. It has survived the Communist rule and is gradually remaking its image as a great tourist destination in Albania.

Getting in and Around

There are no international train connections that connect Tirana to the rest of Albania so you need to get on and off from one bus station to the other just to get to this place. Traveling by airplane lets you reach Tirana, since it has an airport. Once you get there, you can then travel the city by riding the minibuses or hiring a taxi. Due to the transportation options in Tirana, this place is very accessible and very easy to traverse by both young and older tourists alike.

Interesting Sites in Tirana

The center of the city is small so you can walk on foot if you want to marvel at the old and modern architecture of the city. In fact, most buildings in Tirana have been influenced by Turkish architecture since the city was once an Ottoman stronghold during the 18th century. Buildings such as the Sheshi Skenderbej (City Museum) and the Kulla e Sahatit (Clock Tower) are examples of Turkish architecture and are situated within close proximity of each other.  

Shopping and Dining in Tirana

For you to be satiated with food in Tirana, you just need 200 Lek or roughly about $2 to be able to sample local cuisine such as the sufllaqe, doner and byrek which are all meat and vegetable dishes. Basically, dining is cheap in Tirana. There are also local stores that sell handmade plates which are considered as the best buy in the city. You can also shop for modern and traditional clothes for under $10.

Cheap Accommodations

There are plenty of hotels and inns in Tirana and the best part of these accommodations are that some are very cheap. An overnight stay in a hostel can cost only $20, while a stay in the most famous hotel in the city, the International, costs $100 to $150. There are also moderately-priced hotels such as the Hotel Tafaj which has its accommodations ranging from $50 to $100.

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