Top 5 Must Do's in Tirana

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The capital of Albania, Tirana, is a charming city with many interesting things to see and do. A lively nightlife, inexpensive restaurants and pristine beaches make Tirana a great place to visit with many historical and cultural spots to visit. Here are the top 5 must do’s when visiting Tirana:

1: Visit Tajvani
In the heart of downtown lies this area that includes bars, restaurants, casinos and a club and is a great place to start your tour of the city. Children of all ages will enjoy the huge lit water fountain and glowing bridge that surrounds the area. From here you can take a ride to Dajti mountain, a great vantage point where you can view all of Tirana from above.

2: Stroll through Parku I Madh
This urban park is a great place to relax for an afternoon and makes an ideal spot whether traveling with children or adults. Its many paths and natural scenery in the middle of town make it a nice escape from the bustle of the city. There are many restaurants scattered through the park as well as vendors selling all different kinds of items.

3: Explore Et’hem Bey Mosque
It took 28 years to complete the construction on this mosque which was finally finished in 1821. Considered one of Albania’s most beautiful mosques, it is decorated with stunning artwork and decorations throughout.

4: National Museum of History
This is the main museum of the city and contains many interesting artifacts ranging from the ancient times all the way through Hoxha’s regime. This is a great place to visit to get a nice sampling of the history of the country.

5: Head to Durres for a Day at the Beach

A nice day trip from the city is Durres, easily accessible from Tirana via train or car. Located about 50 km from Tirana, this is one of the oldest cities in Albania and a great place to soak up some sun. A stroll through the city is also in order to view some of the great architecture and the old city.

Enjoy a culturally rich vacation in Albania with these suggestions. Add in some great eating, a few nights out on the town and plenty of relaxation and you have a recipe for a great vacation in Tirana.

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