Nightlife and Entertainment in Tirana

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Despite popular beliefs that Tirana is a boring destination with no nightlife and entertainment at all, there is actually a lot going on in there, especially in the Tirana nightlife scene. The nightlife in Tirana is concentrated mainly in the Blloku area – the most expensive district of the city, located right in its center. This is where most of the bars and clubs, that worth visiting, are and where all the young people go at night to have fun. Some important advice: don’t go out alone; always take someone with you to be safer. Here are some of the places that are worth your attention:

Living Room

One of the trendiest places out there, Living Room offers a mix of latin, jazz, funk and house music, excellent DJ parties and good drinks. If you’re looking for fun and you want to meet many beautiful well-dressed young people, this joint is the right choice. Make sure to check out the roof terrace on the second floor.

Buda Bar

If you’re looking for a more romantic nightlife experience, you should visit Buda Bar. This is a stylish oriental themed cocktail bar, situated in the center of the city. Cozy sofas, soft cushions and delicate dim lighting creates a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Take your time and relax with some fine drinks and a nargile.

Take Five

Music lovers should definitely visit this great jazz club, located just opposite of the American Embassy. Take Five holds regular live music events, both by local and international performers, accompanied by high quality sound and pleasant atmosphere. It is also a common gathering point for people involved with the artistic life in Tirana.

Sky Club Bar

The Sky Club Bar, not to be confused with the panoramic restaurant downstairs, is located on top of the Sky Tower in Tirana – an impressive postmodern building in the heart of the Blloku area. It offers a spectacular view over the city and although prices aren’t very low, you can enjoy a truly memorable experience, while the whole is bar rotating.

Rosafa Palace

This is the most popular and expensive night club in Tirana, preferred mostly by the rich and young Albanians. It is very hard to even get reservations for this one. Music is played by different DJs, with occasional major live events going on and popular international guests performing. You are sure to enjoy your night partying here at the club.

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