Day Trips in Tirana

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Tirana day trips consist of exploring the area's culture and architecture. The city of Tirana is full of castles, clock towers, and some of the largest churches in Albania. If tourists ever find themselves wanting to expand their traveling horizons, Tirana has surrounding areas with many more sights so see.

Durres Ampitheatre

Durres Ampitheatre is located 37 minutes West of Tirana, on Main Boulevard, in the center of Durres city. Durres Ampitheatre is a Roman style theatre built in the second century A.D. Tourists visit the beautiful Durres Ampitheatre yearly to witness its complex tunnels, ancient seating and intriguing rubble, which has been mostly covered in moss from years of being stagnant. Tourists find it interesting to see such an old structure that hasn’t been restored, because its originality remains.

Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid is a freshwater lake located 2 hours southeast of Tirana. Mainly filled by underwater springs, Lake Ohrid attracts tourists from around the world because of its natural beauty, crystal clear waters, and its many restaurants with beautiful lake views. People who live in surrounding areas come to Lake Ohrid for its many types of fish, making fishing season more exciting. Lake Ohrid is also an attraction for people who love swimming, sun bathing, boating, water skiing and many other water sports.

Shengjin Beach

Shengjin Beach is the most popular beach in Albania for tourists because of its high quality sand that is hard to find in other beaches throughout the country. Located only 45 minutes from Tirana, Shengin beach supplies beach-goers shaded tales and chairs to relax on. The beach is surrounded by very large pine trees, making it an attractive tourist destination. Tirana day trips are not complete without visiting Shengjin Beach.

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