Beaches in Tirana

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Tirana is a beach town in southern Albania, and the Tirana beaches are some of the most beautiful in the country and Eastern Europe. An eclectic mixture, Tiranan beaches provide a unique traveling opportunity for visitors.


Tirana Beach is not a seaport so people are not able to sail through and dock. The beach is reachable by train. Travelers come from Italy, cross the sea into neighboring cities, and then travel further down by the rail. However, the beach is well maintained by the local government. The coast has a Mediterranean climate that is temperate all year around. The weather is good for people who suffer from allergies and other ailments. There are a number of resorts in the area to accommodate people. Visitors to the area can start their day with a light breakfast from a resort and continue on a walk along the natural shoreline.


Durres is a beach by Tirana. First discovered by the Greeks, this beach has been considered “prime real estate”. The beaches service over 600,000 people annually. Both locals and tourists come to Durres for the quality of the water. One of the more interesting things about this beach is the bunkers. During the Communist era, the army constructed bunkers to help protect the country and the Soviet Union from invasion. Visitors looking for a day of surprises can start by having a coffee on a street side café, walk down to the beach for a drip, and then hike along the shore. The hike will provide a scenic view to the area in addition to the bunkers.  

Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid is a located near Albania. The beach is famous for the historical sites on the shore. A more spiritual area, ancient churches and basilicas dot the coastline. For a more spiritual journey during a beach trip, the tourist will have found the ideal place. The traveler can start the day by enjoying breakfast at one of the seaside cafes. After a swim, the traveler can then walk up the shoreline to look at the churches and basilicas. The religious buildings were left to ruin during the communism regime. The current government has put a time and effort into restoring the buildings. Walking on the beach gives an amazing prospective to these ancient buildings. While not a sea shore beach, Lake Ohrid is definitely an important stop. 

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