Sights in Albania

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The fact that Albania has been closed off from the western world for such a long period of time and suffered such economic and humanitarian hardship may compel travelers to question if there is anything in the country worth seeing. The answer is, yes. Albania, although one of the poorest countries in Europe, is full of cultural and historical sites that are worth a visit. There are several tourist Albania sites that are worth exploring as well.

Archaeological Sites

Albania's location placed in between several great historical societies. Many of the world's greatest armies came through and remained in parts of Albania. The result is several well-preserved archaeological and historical sites to explore. Among these are the Fortress at Gjirokastra, the Butrint archaeological site and the Theater of Butrint. All are well-preserved and provide for an interesting visit.

Historical Sites

Albania is a country rich in history as told by the many historical monuments and buildings that remain today. The Rozafa Castle is one of the oldest and most famous sites in Albania, being a place from which the Romans were held back. The city of Berat ranks among the more impressive places to visit. Berat is a fully functioning city with unique style buildings and medieval architecture. The Lekures castle, with its view of the Ionian coast and two impressive towers, also draws visitors in.


Albania has some of the most impressive beaches in all of Europe. Something that surprises many visitors is how clean and untouched many are, but with increased tourism that will likely change. Those who wish to dive should head to the Ionian coast to the Cape of Rodon or the Cape of Lagji. Albania also has several beach resort towns that are cropping up all over the country. An example is the Himara beach. It comprises white sand and a small port. It's quite a small town but still has a resort feel to it.


While definitely not on the scale of London, Paris or New York, Albania's capital city still is worth a good look around. The architecture is quite unique and will likely attract the eye of the tourist. The center of Tirana houses many of Albania's best museums including their national art gallery, the Museum of Natural History and the Archaeological Museum. There is also a fair amount of good night clubs to visit in Tirana for those looking for evening entertainment in the Albanian capital.

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