Senior Travel in Albania

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War and oppressive regimes have kept the country of Albania cut off from tourists for decades. Now, with the war in Yugoslavia over and a democratic government in place, Albania is slowly opening its doors to foreign visitors. The country still remains highly undeveloped and untouched with a calm, slow Mediterranean lifestyle. Albania senior travel can be an eye-opening and culturally rich experience but there are challenges.

Health Care

Seniors who take any form of regular medication should take more than enough with them to supply their needs while visiting the country. Albania is still, slowly developing and there is no guarantee that you'll be able to get prescriptions refilled while in the country. The hospital care in the major cities is adequate however will look quite primitive when compared to Western Europe or North America. Outside the major cities it is very poor. Make sure you have adequate health coverage from your country of origin. Travelers with dental problems are advised against using the Albanian system. If you can, wait until you arrive back home.


A good and generally safe way to see Albania for seniors is by using cruise companies. As Albania slowly opens its doors, cruise companies are starting to add Albanian destinations to their itineraries. These may range from a 1-day hop-over the Adriatic from Italy to the newly forming multiple-day tours. Seniors who wish to see Albania by this method are encouraged to contact one of the cruise lines offering Albania as a port of call.


Seniors should be aware of the weather in Albania. Winters are mild, never getting very cold but summers can be quite stifling. In the cities the temperature can reach well over 100 degrees F. The main cities will likely have the added luxury of air conditioned buildings. Keep this in mind when planning your holiday. During warm months you may want to spend the majority of your time near the sea coast where the temperatures are far more agreeable than city temperatures.


Seniors on a restricted diet should be aware that the food in Albania has a heavy Turkish influence. Kebabs are very common throughout the country. Albanians typically regard lunch as the most important meal of the day and several restaurants will set their hours accordingly.


Albanian tap water is of a very poor quality and can cause illness. All travelers, especially seniors should drink only bottled water while in the country.


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