Shopping in Saranda

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Because the town is not large there is not a lot of Saranda shopping but you can find a little bit of everything. The cruise terminal offers many of the more traditional souvenirs such as leather goods, glass, jewelry and textiles. There are also roadside stalls that offer handmade tablecloths, figs, olives and oranges.

Tablecloths and Textiles

The main souvenirs in Albania are the textile works and tablecloths. These are offered around bus stops and other tourist areas. This is really the main local craft and will have the word 'Albania' on it. You will find children and women selling these beautiful pieces of handicraft. Some other popular crafts include hand woven rugs, felt makers and more.

Albanian Jewelry

Albanian jewelry centers around gold work, filigree gold and the Albanian eagle that are found on bracelets, cuffs and pendants. The eagle is from a traditional Albanian folk tale and used on many traditional pieces of jewelry and other works. In the folk tale, a young man saved a tiny eaglet and this eaglet protected him through his life. When the boy was grown he was elected king and named son of the eagle. Albania was called Land of the Eagles. You can find jewelry at the new cruise terminal in Saranda as well.

Leather Goods

Leather goods are popular purchases in Albania. One of the larger leather manufacturers in Albania is Tomaificio Bama, and their products are found in many stores. You can find leather shoes and other products at any tourist or general store throughout the country.

Food Products

The best place to get food products and produce is at the street markets. You will find excellent fruits and vegetables as well as bread and other products. These items are very inexpensive and the experience is much more interesting than going to a supermarket. You can find olives, oranges and grapes as these are grown in the area. If you're driving between towns and need a snack, stop at a stall along the coast for some figs, corn on the cob and olives. You can also find local producers that offer olive oil. The main producers are outside of Saranda, Vlore and Himare.

International Shops

There are no large shopping areas in Saranda; you have to go to the main cities such as Tirana. Some of the more famous brand names that you can find include Lancome, Levis, Nike, Diesel and Samsonite. In 2010, the first major shopping mall was opened, offering more international labels and brands.

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