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Lushnjë ( Albanian: Lushnjë or Lushnja) is a town of Central-West Albania located at 40.95°N, 19.71°E. It is the center of the District of Lushnjë in the County of Fier and has a population of about 38,000 ( 2003 est.). The town was founded in late medieval time by a Turkish widow called Salushe. She built a restoring point in the way passing from Durrës to Berat. This way the town was born.

In January of 1920, Lushnjë was a provisional capital of Albania and the place of the Congress of Lushnjë. Chieftains of Albania assembled in town and they declared Tirana first a provisional and then the definitive capital of Albania. The Lushnjë district is known as a main provider of agricultural products to the rest of the country. It is one of very few field districts of mountainous Albania.

Shkumbini river pass through Lushnje District. Divjake is a town in the District of Lushnje and is placed near Adriaatic sea. The forest near Divjake is protected by low. Vace Zela, one of the most popular singers in Albania was born in Lushnje. Lushnje is the "bridge" that connect the north with the south of Albania.

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