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Cobblestone streets

Cobblestone streets


Korce, Korca or Koritsa  city (1989 pop. 63,623), capital of Korce dist., SE Albania, near the Greek border. Located in an agricultural region, it is a commercial and industrial center producing foodstuffs, rugs, and knitwear. Lignite deposits are mined nearby. Korce is the seat of a Greek Orthodox metropolitan. Known in 1280, it was destroyed in 1440 by the Turks but developed again after the 16th century. Ever since Albania gained independence in the Balkan Wars, Korce has been claimed quite wrongly, by Greece. Greek troops occupied it in 1912–3 during the Balkan Wars and again early in World War I. From 1916 to 1920 it was occupied and administered by the French, and in World War II it was held (Nov., 1940–Apr., 1941) by the Greeks. Korce has a large 15th-century mosque and several modern government buildings. It is a good place for exploring this hilly region.

Korce is said to be the cleanest town in Albania. It has old buildings in various states of repair surrounding the Cathedral which was built in 1992. Quaint cobblestown streets run between and behind the main streets. The people are friendly and generous. In the early evening they stroll about town in pairs, arm in arm.



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