Sights in Gjirokaster

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Gjirokastra is a picturesque museum town in southern Albania. Gjirokastra is like an Albanian eagle perched on the mountainside with a mighty citadel for its head.

The fortress surveys the Drino Valley above the three and four-storey houses clinging to the slopes. Both buildings and streets are made of the same white-and-black stone.

Gjirokastra´s population is around 40,000 and one of the biggest cities of southern Albania. The name Gjirokastra comes from Illyrian Argyres Tribe which inhabited this part of Europe.

Picturesque town with traditional houses  Medieval citadel (was converted into prison under Nazis; houses museum of weapons). Gjirokaster is museum city. houses are built with stones. 

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Castle of Gjirokastër

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The castle of the city stands like a balcony over the city. Everyone says that the castle perches high over the town of Gjirokaster like an eagle, or a ship. However you choose to describe it, the castle definitely creates a presence over the city. It looms, it protects. It has eyes that follow every move of the city below.It enables the visitors to enjoy the very beautiful landscape.  A museum of armaments is housed in the interior of the castle.

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