Hotel Kalemi

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Hotel Kalemi

Hotel Kalemi

Pullumb Kalemi

Hotel Kalemi or Kalemi hotel has 11 rooms with single or double beds, air conditioners and full bathrooms. In the price is included the free breakfast and parking. The hotel is built on an renovated house that is characteristic of Gjirokaster’s tradition. From this building you can see an 15 th century castle and the typical rock made houses of the historic city.

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type:Bed and Breakfast
World66 rating: Rate now:
address:Hotel Kalemi, Lagja Palorto, Gjirokaster, ALBANIA
CostOfDoubleForANight:40 euro
tel:+355 84 263724/267260
accessibility:Tv, Air conditionet etc
costofdoubleforanight:$ 50.00

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