Gjirokaster Travel Guide

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Recon jet force landed in Berat in 1957

Recon jet force landed in Berat in 1957

Curt Prins

Gjirokaster is also known as the City of Stairs. The city is built on a stretch of very mountainous terrain and and stairs are used in many of the small streets that wind their way up the hills in the direction of the citadel.You can see the panoramic view of this city from the bar/restaurant, Kerculla and you can eat and rest at Hotel Kalemi  (http://hotelkalemi.tripod.com). From this hotel you can see the old and new part of the city.

The setting of the city is great with snowcapped mountains all around it. Be sure to visit the 11th-century citadel, which has a stunning view of the countryside, as well as the interesting Ethnographic Museum in the home that was the birthplace of Enver Hoxha.

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