Cruises in Albania

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With Albania finally opening its borders after a 45 year xenophobic communist rule that ended in 1990, cruise lines and travel companies are starting to move in. Albanian cruises are starting to increase in number as tourists flock to what is expected to be the next booming tourist hotspot.


Albania is located on the Eastern Mediterranean. Its 450 km stretch of coastline is splashed by the Adriatic and Ionian sea's and its neighbors include Greece, Macedonia, Serbia,  Montenegro, and Kosovo. Albania is also fortunate enough to be just across the sea from Italy. Many of the Italian and Greek cruise line itineraries are now including Albanian ports of call.


The two main tourism ports in Albania are Saranda and Durrës. Most of the cruise lines that sail to Albania will port in one of these cities. Ships that go to Albania are typically of small to medium size.

Cruise Lines

Every year more and more cruise-lines are adding Albanian stops to their itineraries. Some will still only do the 1 day hop-over the Adriatic but others are increasing their time spent in this small country as it slowly becomes discovered. For those looking for a cruise line that travels to Albania the best places to look are Holland America Cruises, Oceana Cruises, Regents Seven Seas Cruises and Deilman Cruises. The Ionian Cruise company has introduced a multiple day cruise tour of Albania, 1 of the few of its kind.

Combination Tours

Although a cruise just to Albania might, at present, be slightly limited another way to see the country by cruise ship is to book a tour that includes other destinations. An example is the Scantours company that offers an 11-day tour of the Adriatic sea which includes a stop in Albania. Other destinations include, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovia and Montenegro. Corfu Cruises also offers a 1-day cruise over to Albania as a part of some of its itineraries.

What to Take

Depending upon your country of residence, you'll need a valid passport or photo ID to enter Albania. Cruise companies also recommend sunglasses, sun block and comfortable walking shoes. Albania is full of historical sites including two UNESCO World Heritage Sites being the cities of Gjirokaster and Berat. Those who like untouched areas will find themselves in seventh heaven able to enjoy ancient sites that havent been seen by foreign eyes in over 50 years.

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