Budget Travel Ideas in Albania

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Albania is one of the poorest countries in Europe but also one of the cheapest to travel through. Food, hotels and excursions are available at far less what they would cost in many of their western European neighbors. Although things are changing quite rapidly, the world of Albania budget travel is still alive and well.


Albania is full of hotels of varying levels of service and quality. One thing that definitely holds true is that the prices, even in the busier cities and resort areas are going to be far less than what they would cost in other European nations. In Tirana it is possible to find a 2 or 3 start hotel for as little as 40 to 60 euros per night. Those visiting Albania in the winter are encouraged to stay in some of the more expensive properties. Although hostels and backpacking places do exist some aren't safe and without heat. Some of the low-end accommodations will often have broken windows, no water and poor security.


Those who enjoy middle eastern style foods will feel right at home in Albania. With over 400 years of rule from the Ottoman empire, the traditions of Turkey and Greece have definitely left their mark. You'll find several national dishes are corn and rice based with twists from other nations that have influenced the country's development. Albania however is full of choice when it comes to budget eating. Those traveling to the larger cities will find an plethora of small cafes and sandwich bars where a full lunch can be had for about 5 euros. Those traveling to the coastal areas will find a range of seafood restaurants and bars ranging from expensive to cheap. Keep in mind that in Albania, lunch is seen as the most important meal of the day. A good Albanian lunch may cost a few euro more but you likely won't need much more than a slice of bread for dinner.


One of the most magnificent things about Albania is all the of the wonderful historical and archaeological sites one can see in the country that cost hardly anything. In Tirana, alone there are 3 different sites including the Enver Hoxha pyramid, Tanner's bridge and the Grand Park where visitors are welcomed and there is no cost. Those looking for a cheap beach holiday are advised to visit the country in the late spring or early fall. The weather is warm, beaches less crowded and prices far lower than they are in the summer time.

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