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Hotel Akropoli in Durres

Hotel Akropoli in Durres


The 2400 year old town of Berat is located in southcentral Albania. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful towns of Albania. As you can see from the pictures, it is no wonder that Berat is also known as "the town of a thousand windows, also the Museum City"

Berat is a good base for exploring the region. The Monastery of Ardenica is not too far and the important archeological site of Apolonia can also be visited in a day.


- Tracking itineraries, nature oriented, to know the local fauna and flora.

- Tracking itineraries suitable for all, better knowing the antique castles of ilir and medieval period.

- Tracking for a couple of days in the oldest trail tracks “ Salt Road ”, stretching from Korça to Berat and Vlora.

- Guide to the most beautiful monuments of nature, as The Canions of Skrapar, Tomori mountain, the sources, the caves etc.

- Visits in the wine breweries, dairies, local artisans to discover the products and the traditions of the area, and naturally tasting the most typical products.

- Are you a group of friends in search of a weekend that is different from the others?

- Do you want to spend some days in nature and under the hospitability of the villagers of Skrapar, Tomorrica etc?
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