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Site of the new Ritz-Carlton West Caicos Reserve

Site of the new Ritz-Carlton West Caicos Reserve

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For the first time in nearly 100 years, the approximately 11-square-mile, 6,000-acre island of West Caicos will open its shores to a new settlement. West Caicos features some of the most sublime, virgin beaches and brilliant azure water in the Caribbean .   It is home to the 500-acre Lake Catherine, a natural wildlife sanctuary and breeding ground for pink roseate flamingoes, as well as Molasses Reef, rumored to be the final resting place of Columbus ’ Pinta and ranking among the world’s top dive sites. West Caicos is reachable only by boat, small plane or helicopter. Transportation on-island will be primarily by electric vehicle and bicycle.

To ensure that the island remains unspoiled, approximately 90 percent of the acreage will stay permanently undisturbed and the projects slated for development, featuring 18 th Century Caribbean-style design, will all be low-density. The architectural integrity of the island will be ensured through covenants that provide for a harmonious blend of building placement, style and finishes. Electric vehicles and bicycles will transport guests along walking paths and trails throughout the island. Access to West Caicos Reserve will be primarily via boat (a 20-minute ride) from a private launch dock, a short ride from the international airport.

To protect West Caicos ’ abundance of natural resources, the developers conducted a comprehensive ecotourism study led by Hitesh Mehta of EDSA, an international full-service planning, landscape architectural and urban design firm.   EDSA is one of the world’s leading authorities and researchers on sustainable tourism and landscape architecture. Mr. Mehta developed a master plan for West Caicos Reserve that outlines preservation guidelines for development with minimal envi ron mental impact and includes the creation of sustainable/ecotourism facilities.


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