When to Go in Virgin Islands

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The Virgin Islands are known internationally for their excellent weather, constantly clear skies, and transparent turquoise waters. Hot, sunny days with high humidity and scarce rain showers prevail in this part of the world basically all year round. There are, however, two main times of the year that are best to avoid. Hurricanes are major threats in the Virgin Islands, especially during hurricane season which occurs from the beginning of June to the end of November. Most of these tropical cyclones are concentrated during the months of August and September, so be sure not to schedule your trip during this time of year. If that is the only time of year you can go, make sure to check the weather everyday to be sure there aren't any advisories or warnings. Another bad time to visit the Virgin Islands is during the high season from December to May. During this winter season, tons of tourists flock to these islands trying to escape the cold, northern winter. Because of this influx of visitors, prices for everything from food, to hotels, to activities rise dramatically. Also, the high demand makes it difficult to reserve your choice of hotel or excursions.

Underwater Activities

Despite the crowds of the tourist season, excellent underwater visibility and calm surf that can be enjoyed from April to August, making it the best time of year to visit the Virgin Islands if you want to spend your time diving and snorkeling. February is the busiest month of the tourist season, but April, May, and August aren't quite as crowded, especially in St. Thomas and St. Croix.


Temperatures continuously bounce back and forth between the 70s and 80s, changing very little due to the stabilizing effect of the trade winds. Technically, there is no rainy season on the islands, but there are monthly variations in rainfall. November, October, September, August, and May are the rainiest months. However, showers pass quickly and usually occur either at night or early in the morning, so they don't greatly affect travel plans. February and March are the driest months, but not necessarily the best months to go to the Virgin Islands, as the rain doesn't create any problems anyway, and the islands are flooded with tourists during February and March.

The best advice is simply to avoid the worst months of the hurricane season (August and September), as well as the most crowded months of the high tourist season (February and March). Any other time of year is sure to please you with it's enjoyable weather and more modest prices.

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