Things to do in Virgin Islands

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The Virgin Islands are in the Caribbean Sea and belong to two different countries. The east is governed by the United Kingdom and the west belongs to the United States. All of the Virgin Islands hold interesting and wonderful things to do. 

Water Sports

Of course, these are islands so water sports abound. Diving and snorkeling is a great experience along the surrounding reefs. The waters are clean and there are underwater caves, shipwrecks and sea horse colonies. Buck Island Reef national Monument is a protected area near St. Croix where you can see different fish and other marine life. You can find rentals at a moderate price and you can also find people to teach you how to dive or snorkel. They offer training classes that last 3 days.  


Sailing enthusiasts say that the Virgin Islands are a great place to go. You can hire boats with or without a crew or charter a yacht. Try St. John Yacht Charters and you will have the loveliest hosts, Jason and Lou. Watch for local boat races because they happen all over the Virgin Islands all the time. You can even go on a tour on kayak through Mangrove Lagoon and St. Thomas’ Marine Sanctuary.  


If you are a fisherman, you’ve come to the right place. Blue and White marlin, sailfish and Wahoo can be found in the waters of the Virgin Islands. Fishing charters go out all the time but don’t expect to actually keep your catch. Locals encourage the catch and release method so they can preserve the species in their areas.  


You will find an 18 hole golf course at the Buccaneer Hotel in St. Croix or you can golf your day away at the Carambola Resort. St Thomas has an 18 hole course at Mahogany Run.  


There are tons of beaches and bays in the Virgin Islands and they are as diverse as can be. You just have to pick one that matches your personality and you will want to stay there forever.

Historical Sites

There are historical sites to visit as well.  Annaberg Sugar Plantation gives tours with demonstrations.  Fort Christian in St. Thomas is the oldest building on the island.  It is now a historical museum with a roof top view that is worth seeing.  

Sitting on the beach is good for some people and they can find it here in the Virgin Islands, but if you like to dive, or hike, or go boating and fishing, this is also the place for you.
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