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Wild Donkeys at Cinnamon Bay Beach

Wild Donkeys at Cinnamon Bay Beach

Curtis Brewer

Virgin Islands National Park, renowned throughout the world for its breathtaking beauty, covers approximately 3/5 of St. John, and nearly all of Hassel Island in Charolette Amalie harbor on St. Thomas. Within its borders lie protected bays of crystal blue-green waters teeming with coral reef life, white sandy beaches shaded by seagrape trees and coconut palms, and tropical forests providing habitat for over 800 species of plants. To these amazing natural resources, add relics from the pre-Colombian Amerindian civilization, remains of the Danish colonial sugar plantations, and reminders of African slavery and the subsistence culture that followed during the 100 years after emancipation- all part of the rich cultural history of the Park and its island home.
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