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The Virgin Islands have a gold mine of historically rich museums, highlighting everything from the sugar industry and slavery, to the daily life of the Danish residents. The majority of museums are located in St. Croix, although there are some hidden jewels in other areas.

Haagensen House

Excellently restored Danish homes abound in the Virgin Islands, and are open to the public as history museums; one very popular example is the Haagensen House in St. Croix which has an amazing collection of West Indian antiques.

Fort Frederik and the Weibel Museum

Other popular types of museums include those relating the history of slavery in the area, and those emphasizing plantation life and the process of making sugar. Visit Fort Frederik to see where 8,000 slaves demanded and were granted their freedom by Governor Von Scholten. The Estate Whim Plantation Museum is a good example of a museum that recreates life on the sugar plantation in the 1800s, and even has the original sugar process plant and windmill. For even more history, the Weibel Museum in St. Thomas reviews the 300 year history of the Jewish people in the area.

The Mango Tango Art Gallery

For some not-so-historical fun, visit one of the many colorful, new-age art museums like the Mango Tango Art Gallery. They support both local, emerging artists as well as established Carribean artists and display some incredible sculptures, paintings, and ceramics.


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St Thomas Historical Trust Museum

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West Indian furniture and other historical artifacts on display. Located in Roosevelt Park in downtown Charlotte Amalie. A docent will take you around and explain the various historically significant items on display. Check out the website for special events.

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address:Roosevelt Park, Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas Virgin Islands
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