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Drakes Seat, St. Thomas

Drakes Seat, St. Thomas

Shane Zazula

The US Virgin Islands were bought by the United States from Denmark in 1917. Islanders have US citizenship but vote their own government as well has their member of congress. The islands were named Las Virgines by Columbus who discovered them in 1493, in honour of the 10,000 virgins of. St.Ursula who died at the hands of the Huns, somewhere in 7-th century Europe. They consist of three islands. St. Thomas is the capital and is well known with cruisers. It has alluring beaches, good dining and a few historic sights. St. John is a short distance from St. Thomas and is almost completely unspoilt. Most of it has National Park status. St. Croix is further in the south, it is the biggest of the three islands and almost 30 miles long. It's terrain ranges from rain forest to dry desert.

The British Virgin Islands are also hilly, but are less built up with hotels and tourism. The BVI glore with lovely beaches and nice people.


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