Tobago Travel Guide

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The smaller fish-shaped island of Tobago (14km by 41km) is located northeast of Trinidad between the Atlantic Ocean on the south (windward coast) and the Caribbean Sea on the north (leeward coast).

Considered by some as the jewel of the Caribbean, Tobago is perhaps one of the few unspoiled Caribbean islands where tourism development is still limited. You won’t find large resorts, big shopping malls or fancy restaurants here. Instead, you’ll be usually presented with lovely small fishing villages with one or two supermarkets and restaurants, a rum shop and some guesthouses. The most developed areas are gathered on the southwest tip, around Crown Point, where the airport is located and where you’ll be able to find larger hotels and a greater choice of restaurants, bars and shops. Another busy spot is the island’s bustling capital and port, Scarborough, situated further on the windward coast. The rest of the island remains mainly undeveloped, allowing the visitor to feel and experience its relaxed, slow-paced way of life and simply lime (local expression that means hanging out and chatting).  

Tobago’s highlights include a wide variety of splendid and secluded beaches and bays; beautiful coral reefs; dense and lush vegetation to the interior - in what is known to be the oldest protected rainforest reserve of the western hemisphere - and on Little Tobago Island; fascinating fauna and flora, both marine and terrestrial; excellent cuisine; and also the friendliest of friendly people.

Visitors may simply relax on the beach and enjoy the sea, sand and sun or choose to engage in plenty of activities: turtle and bird watching; snorkelling and scuba diving; hiking and exploring the forest and its hidden trails and waterfalls; discovering remote villages and admiring the superb views along the coast; or having a blast at Sunday School, a large open-air party held every Sunday night at Bucco Beach. If you’re looking for much more than this, you’ll probably be in for a disappointment. But if you’re willing to “go with the flow” and embrace the island’s traditions and nature, you’ll simply love Tobago.


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