Sights in Saint Lucia

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Tropical and scenic, St. Lucia is an incredible and relaxing island. There is far more than just beaches and resorts here. The center of St. Lucia is a nature reserve thick with rainforest and mountains. There are also several small fishing villages and a number of plantation estates that are popular with tourists.

Soufrière Estate

On the southwestern coast of St. Lucia is the town of Soufrière, the first European settlement on the island. There most popular tourist sight here is the Soufrière Estate (closed on Sunday). Established in 1745 this is a portion of the land originally given to the Devaux brothers by King Louis XIII of Normandy in 1713. On this picturesque estate are the Diamond Falls and the Sulfur Springs. The Diamond Falls has a beautiful waterfall artistically colored with minerals. More minerals can be found in the hot Sulfur Springs area, where you can indulge yourself in a hot mineral bath for a small fee.  


Just south of Soufrière you can enjoy some incredible views in the charming fishing village of Choiseul. A tourist attraction in this area is the grand and eco-friendly, Balenbouche Estate, a former sugar plantation. This historic 200 acre estate features the impressive original wooden plantation house, an organic farm and a guest house. The crafts market in Choiseul is also recommended. This is a great place to buy souvenirs. You can choose from a wide variety of handmade baskets, pottery, woven furniture and wood carvings. The market is open every day.

Bounty Rum Distillery

The Bounty Rum Distillery makes the best selling rum in St. Lucia. Located on the largest banana plantation in St. Lucia, this famous sight provides short ninety minute tours. That leaves you plenty of time to do other things. By the end of the tour you will have seen this famous distillery and have a complete understanding of how to make rum from start to finish. Of course you can sample their distinctive rum varieties. (Open weekdays)

Government House

This popular St. Lucia tourist site is the official residence of the governor-general. The Victorian home is one of the few left on the island and sits on the side of Morne Fortune in Castries. Inside the house, there is the La Pavillon Royal Museum. The grounds are open to the public everyday but Sunday and they're close for lunch. You can make an appointment to see the sights in the interior of the house.


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