When to Go in Puerto Rico

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The best time to go to Puerto Rico is also the most expensive. The period from December to March is the best time to take advantage of the warm weather and interesting festivals on the island, but it is also when you will pay the highest prices for hotels. This is also outside of hurricane season, which runs from June until the end of November.


Temperatures during this time run about 80 to 90° F during the day, but there is usually a cool breeze in the morning and late afternoon, making for pleasant weather. You can take advantage of the great beaches and everything is open during this time whereas during the off season many attractions, restaurants and stores close down for a period of time.


Spending December and Christmas time in the warmth of Puerto Rico might appeal to those where the snow is blowing at home. Old San Juan has a White Christmas Festival where there are beautiful window displays from December 1 to January 12th.

During the first two Sundays in December is the Bacardi Artisans’ Fair in San Juan. There are more than 100 people who come to sell their arts and crafts, and there are many shows, rides, food and competitions like the troubadour contest. You're sure to pick up some great holiday gifts at this festival.

December 28th is the date of the Hatillo Mask Festival that has been celebrated in Hatillo since 1823. It commemorates when Herod ordered the death of all infant boys in Bethlehem. Revelers in costume run through the streets to represent soldiers looking for children. Interestingly enough, this is a time of fun, food and dancing.


In January, Three Kings Day is celebrated on the 6th. This is the traditional gift giving day in Puerto Rico and you can find festivals all over the island with parades, music and dance, carols, feasts and puppet shows for the kids.


The second week in February is the Coffee Harvest Festival in Maricao, where parades with floats go through the streets and music, food and crafts take the center stage, along with demonstrations of coffee preparations.

A carnival-like atmosphere over takes Ponce mid-February for the Carnival Ponceño, where everyone dons a costume and mask and revel all over town. February/March is the time for Casals Festival at the Performing Arts Center in San Juan. This is one of the greatest cultural events in Puerto Rico, honoring cellist Pablo Casal, founder of the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra. Tickets are $30 to $40 to attend, but there are discounts offered.

Spend time in Puerto Rico from December to March, and along with seeing regular attractions, take part in the events that happen only at this time of year.

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