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Playa Grande

Playa Grande

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Vieques is one of the so called "Spanish  Virgin Islands" off the coast of eastern Puerto Rico. 

For the longest time, 2/3 of the island was  a practice area for the US navy, and closed to civilians most of the time.  But, back  in the late 1990's,  things changed.  A security guard named David Sanes died in his sentry box as the US military was doing some practice and apparently missed their target. This was the moment that sparked the "liberating of Vieques",  so to speak.

Long story short, ALL US military personnel left by early 2003. 

Vieques population is about 9,000 people, many of the locals live near the north side of the island, by Isabel II. A rather large expatriate community thrives in the south of the island in the small village of Esperanza...that is WHERE YOU WANT TO GO, as a tourist.  Most of the inexpensive (and pricey) accommodations are in this area.

Vieques has some incredible caribbean unspoiled beaches...recall  the island has NO rivers, so the water is crystal clear.   Best thing to do is to rent a 4X4 or a small jeep in order to have flexibility touring the island.    Sun Bay is the public beach, but driving past it will give you even more secluded spots.

There is the most incredible phosphorescent bay, and you can actually see your body glow as you swim in it...but you need to spend the night, obviously!

Airport is in the northside of island, with limited service from San Juan and Fajardo.  Cheapest way is to take the daily ferries (2-3 a day, about 75 mins and VERY CHEAP) from Fajardo Puerto Rico, about 45 mins by car from San Juan. 

Vieques is off the beaten  path, and a wonderful place. I urge everyone to go see it soon, before its unspoiled nature turns way too touristy (as its next door neighbor, Culebra).


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