When to Go in San juan

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Every year tourists flock to San Juan. When to go to this popular area can be decided by the climate and special events that are held. With its beautiful beaches, variety of outdoor activities and important historical sites, the city attracts visitors from all over the world. San Juan can be visited all year but there are certain factors that need to be taken into account.


San Juan has a tropical climate with temperature averages of 28 degrees C. The temperatures do not vary greatly throughout the year. In summer temperatures can rise to 32 degrees C and humidity is high while in winter the temperature is normally around 22 degrees C. Rainfall occurs all year round while January, February and March are the driest months. The threat from hurricanes is greatest from June until November; however this varies from year to year. September and October are the months with the highest risk of hurricanes. December until April is peak season when San Juan becomes crowded with tourists. This is the best time to visit as the weather conditions are mild and it is not hurricane season. Good weather means that you can enjoy the numerous outdoor activities such as boating, hiking and horse riding. The weather conditions are also good for a day on the golf course or one of the beautiful beaches. You can spot animals such as bald eagles and black-tailed deer. The drawback for traveling during December to April is that the beaches and tourist attractions are busy. Prices are also higher during this time.


San Juan has an abundance of lively festivals that are fun to join in with and to watch. Businesses close during national holidays and it is therefore necessary to take this into account when planning your trip as it may hinder your plans. January and July have the most national holidays as well as Easter and Christmas being times of the year when many businesses are shut. One noteworthy festival is the Kite Festival which is held annually. The festival is normally held in March but exact dates may vary. It is usually held at Castilli San Felipe which is a historical site. At the kite Festival there are kite-flying competitions as well as educational talks. Picnics are held in the gardens and there are sporting activities. You can also learn how to make a kite. This is a festival that the whole family can enjoy.

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