Things to do in San juan

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San Juan Puerto Rico has plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures. You just have to pick a few and go have some fun.

El Yunque National Forest

El Yunque National forest is about 45 minutes from San Juan but is worth going to. It is small, only about 28000 acres and has a mountain called El Toro which is 3532 feet high. There are dozens of hiking trails that are both fun and challenging and will provide an educational opportunity as well. There are many plants indigenous to the area that you won't see anywhere else. This is a rainforest so be aware it may rain when you are there but that is what makes the forest so wonderful. This forest is a bird sanctuary and those that are lucky will see the rare Puerto Rican parrot. The forest is full of a tree frog called coqui El Yunque and they sing everywhere. It costs $3 to get into the forest and $5 for a tour. Make sure to hire a guide through this rainforest because there is so much you will miss without one or you can take an ATV tour at the forest and enjoy riding around in one of the vehicles.

The Old City

When in San Juan visit the Old city where you can explore San Felipe del Morro and San Cristobal, both fortresses that have been there for over 400 years. The city lies between the two forts and here you can visit beautiful gardens and see some pretty magnificent plazas.


Baseball is a real favorite in Puerto Rico and you can see a game at Hiram Bithorn Stadium for only $5. They don't hawk hot dogs here but instead you can get fried chicken and pina coladas.


You can have a great shopping experience in San Juan. Because this is a major port of call for many cruise ships there is a wonderful American style shopping mall with store you would see in any American city. However, local artisans line the halls and sell their wares. 


There are many beaches in San Juan. Go to Isla Verde or El Escambron to sun yourself or go swimming. These are popular beaches and are commercialized so you can find just about anything you want there. Some beaches have Horseback riding opportunities as well.

Bacardi Rum Factory

The Bacardi Rum factory is nearby and does give a “Follow the Rum” tour, where you see how it is made from sugar cane to the bottle.

San Juan is a bustling place to be. There are many active things to do and see while you are there.

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