Senior Travel in San juan

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San Juan Senior Travel is about much more than just sitting by the hotel pool and watching the world go by. A rich history, colorful local culture, magnificent natural beauty and fascinating architecture are all waiting to be discovered, not to mention the delicious local cuisine waiting to be eaten, and wines and spirits waiting to be drunk. Blessed with year-round warm weather and bountiful beaches, San Juan boasts countless comfortable hotels, cozy guesthouses and a calendar packed with cultural events that means that there's plenty to keep senior travelers entertained, whatever the time of year.


San Juan is known for its wealth of high quality hotels, and there are certainly some extremely comfortable options available. Swimming pools, spas and extensive gardens can be expected at many San Juan hotels, providing the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind. While many hotels cater to families or groups of younger travelers, there are also plenty that are targeted toward an older demographic, such as the truly luxurious Ritz-Carlton. Located around 6 miles from the historic center, this plush hotel is ideal for those who like to have everything close at hand. It boasts no less than 5 restaurants, a casino, swimming pools and a spa. For those who like to take a more rustic approach to traveling, the El Convento Hotel in Old San Juan is a delight , with a setting in a beautiful historic building (formerly a convent, hence the name) surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens.

Things to See and Do

You don't need to be a surfer or scuba diver to appreciate the appeal of San Juan's beaches. Senior travelers looking to escape the tourist hordes should avoid busy beaches like Isla Verde and Condado, which are located directly in front of hotel strips, and head for quieter spots such as Flamenco, Bahia and Luquillo, all of which are well-equipped with beach restaurants and bars despite their less touristy status. Flamenco is a beautiful spot to take a dip, as the crystal clear waters are calm enough for swimming. Aside from the beaches, San Juan offers a beautiful historic center that lends itself well to lazy afternoons strolling from square to square, taking in the sights and stopping now and then to recharge the batteries at a pavement cafe. There are also plenty of tour operators in San Juan, leading organized trips to local beauty spots such as nature reserves and islands of paradise.

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