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San Juan cruises are plentiful in the fourth busiest harbor in the West. Over 12 different cruise lines operate out of the capital of Puerto Rico which makes rates for even a week-long cruise fairly inexpensive. Most of these cruise lines stay in port until late at night or early in the morning, giving you plenty of time to see the sights in this Caribbean hub. While looking for San Juan cruises, watch for guided day tours of beaches, islands and rain forests.

Day Cruises

A good choice for a casual tourist, day cruises range from deep sea fishing to visiting tropical islands. Deep sea fishing on the charter boat The Legend can be fun for both seasoned sport fisherman and amateurs looking to enjoy a day in the sun. This particular charter boat takes you straight into the part of the ocean where over 30 fishing world records have been broken, making the $800 USD price tag worth it.

One 8-hour cruise takes you from San Juan to the small deserted island, Icacos, to explore the beach, snorkel (with supervision if needed), and have a picnic lunch and drinks for less than $100 USD. Located directly on the Caribbean Sea, San Juan cruises are perfect for just watching the ocean wildlife and snorkeling in a coral reef. Other day trips include cruises up Puerto Rico's beautiful coastline for a day excursion into the El Yunque Rain Forest.

Extended Cruises

Most cruises in and around Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean, depart from San Juan. Be sure to show up early so you can get a full day in visiting San Juan's many tourist attractions. One cruise line, Carnival, offers a 4-day trip departing from San Juan, with stops in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Dominica and Barbados with a price tag around $300 USD (depending on time of year and size of cabin). Princess Cruises offers an 8-day cruise beginning and ending in San Juan, stopping in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Netherlands Antilles, Aruba and a full day at sea for as low as $550 USD. These extended voyages into the heart of the Caribbean include many excursions and a wide variety of activities, whether it be a foray into the rain forest or a day exploring the vast and rich history of the regions cities.

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