Budget Travel Ideas in San juan

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In San Juan, budget travel is a growing area of tourism, and the fascinating city is increasingly attracting backpackers and other shoestring travelers.

Sunny, scenic San Juan is a great place to spend time no matter how small your budget, and with so much natural beauty and handsome historic architecture to be seen free of charge, it's perfectly possible to while away many a happy hour just soaking up the sun and the atmosphere. While there are plenty of opportunities for well-to-do travelers to indulge, it's perfectly possible to eat and drink well for very little money, and a decent hostel scene means that cash-strapped visitors to San Juan won't struggle to find a bed for the night.

Budget Accommodations in San Juan

Despite an increased presence on the international backpacker circuit, San Juan does not yet boast many bargain basement backpacker lodgings, but there are, nonetheless, plenty of budget-friendly options to choose from. There are cheap and cheerful guesthouses to be found everywhere from the historic center to the beaches, and many will throw in a hearty breakfast for good measure. Generally small, family-run and very welcoming, these establishments tend to be great sources of local information as well as cozy places to get a night's rest. One of the best value options for travelers looking for a cheap but comfortable stay close to the beach is Oceana Hostel Playero, which is located at 1853 McLeary Avenue just a few minutes' walk from one one San Juan's most popular beaches between Condado and Ocean Park. The guesthouse offers bed and breakfast accommodation in double rooms, suites and family rooms at prices starting at less than $50 US.

Eating on a Budget in San Juan

Happily for budget visitors to San Juan, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy tasty food and drink without making too much of a dent in your travel budget. Creole food--combining Spanish, African, Caribbean and Italian influences--is a local specialty and widely available for satisfyingly affordable prices. With rice, fish and chicken being typical components of a Creole meal, it's possible to eat your fill without spending very much money at all. Hungry travelers should avoid the many plush San Juan restaurants and bars that cater to a crowd with very deep pockets, and instead investigate the many street stalls and simple neighborhood cafes and bars.

Things to Do on a Budget in San Juan

The sun shines all year round in San Juan, making the soft sand beaches ideal places to kick back and relax without spending a thing. And with a fascinating historic center, home to countless impressive churches, museums and cultural centers, it's possible to spend many hours exploring San Juan while keeping a close eye on the budget.

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